Dorrie’s Anime Watchlist #1

So I recently got a freelance part-time job where I basically get paid to write and talk about anime on the internet. Sounds like a pretty rad gig, right? I must admit, it is a perfect fit for me, but because of that, most of my free time now consists of watching anime until my eyes bleed. I’ve gotta stay in the know, after all! I’ve been an anime fan ever since my baby Dorrie days of watching Pokemon and Hamtaro on the CN, but for most of my life, I’ve considered myself to be more of a casual watcher. You will definitely not be finding me bingeing 600+ episodes of Naruto and One Piece, but you most certainly will catch me shouting, “Damn, Yuno,” at my computer screen just about every five seconds while in the middle of an intense episode of Future Diary.

In the past month or so, I’ve completed at least 10 different anime. That sounds like a lot, but most anime are only about 12-26 episodes long, which makes them a breeze to complete in just a few sittings. Unfortunately, this also means that I had trouble picking one specific show to talk about for this week’s blog.

Which brings me here. I’ve decided that every couple of months, I will be compiling a “watchlist,” of anime that I am currently watching or have recently finished watching that I want to recommend to you all. There are hundreds upon thousands of shows that are accessible to viewers in the US that either have good English subtitles, or an English dub if you don’t feel like reading while you’re watching TV. Of course this means that there is a lot of pure unadulterated crap out there, and I definitely watched my fair share of crap this month, but this is supposed to be a positive blog, goddamnit, so I only want to highlight the good stuff (in my opinion, of course). So without further ado, let’s talk anime, babes.Read More »



One of my favorite cartoons as a wee lass was the original 1998 series, The Powerpuff Girls. I watched the show religiously, owned almost every piece of merch – hell, I think I wanted to be Buttercup when I was in nursery school (although my personality aligned a lot more with Bubbles). The show had a colorful, anime influenced style, and even more colorful characters that anyone, child or adult, could get to know and love. It was very easy to get into: it followed a “monster of the week” formula and wasn’t serialized, so you could watch just about any episode and understand what was going on. This is how most cartoons were back in the late 90s, and the kids who watched them way back then are now the ones creating new cartoons on those same children’s networks, like Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon.

But Dorrie, you may ask, why are you talking about The Powerpuff Girls when the title of this blog clearly pertains to a completely different cartoon? Well, if you must know, it is because whenever I watch an episode of OK K.O.! Let’s be Heroes, I feel this sense of nostalgia that brings me back to those days of Saturday morning cartoons like The Powerpuff Girls. I can so easily picture little baby Dorrie watching OK K.O., and enjoying it just as adult Dorrie does. I really have to thank creator Ian Jones-Quartey for this bouncy, action packed piece of media because it is filled with as much heart and soul as the cartoons that I worshipped back in the late 90s and early 2000s, emulating that same style, but with a fresh and non-cringeworthy modern twist.Read More »