Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Obsession

We all have that one game that feels like home to us. You know what I’m talking about. The video game that we pick up once a year when we’re feeling a case of the nostalgia Sundays. That game that we have logged thousands of hours into over the course of ten years or more. That game that we will always come back to with open arms and a smile, no matter how primitive it looks or plays. Feeling cozy yet? Got your hot chocolate? Good, because today, we’re gonna be spending a little time with my “ride or die” game: Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door (2004).

It’s time to dust off your old GameCube, because we’ve got crystal stars to collect, baby!Read More »


I Wish I Had Steven Universe Growing Up


Self-love is a difficult thing to teach. Try as we may, at the end of the day it is up to that person to decide whether they love themself or not. However, in our current social climate, we are constantly bombarded with advertisements and social media influencers telling us that we need to look and act a specific way in order to live a successful, fulfilling life, which can make self-love a challenge to achieve. Although these advertisers tell us that it is important to be our most “authentic” selves, the images attached to them are almost always an idealized version of what the authentic self is supposed to be. This is especially hazardous for children in the pre-teen to teenage demographic because they are very impressionable at that age, and it is already so hard to figure out how to “fit in” once their bodies start going through drastic changes.

When I was 14 years old, I certainly did not love myself in the slightest. I wasn’t a “cool” girl, my clothes were baggy, my hair was frizzier than that of an 80s aerobics instructor, and I was starting to notice some… interesting developments in my sexuality. I too suffered from gazing longingly at alternative magazines and thinking that my life would be perfect, if only I had stick straight locks, expensive garments and a cute boyfriend by my side, just like the models and celebrities did. If only I were one of these people. Self-love was always just a bit out of reach for me.

When Steven Universe aired its most recent special titled Change Your Mind, I came to a realization: Steven Universe is the most important children’s cartoon of this generation. Of course, this is just my opinion, but the message that I have always received from Rebecca Sugar’s passion project is one that no other show has ever taught me, not even in my own adolescent years – and that is to love myself because I am me.Read More »