Hey, what’s up. I’m Dorrie, an odd little New York-based froggie who spends way too much time looking at screens. I’m a 23 year old Ithaca College graduate with a degree in film, and I aspire to be a scriptwriter for all visual media types. I like character-driven stories that are a bit on the weirder side.

I have a lot of thoughts and opinions about visual media and storytelling, many of which I would like to share. I’m a passionate fan of cartoons, horror movies, and niche, story-driven video games. This is a space where I can share all my thoughts and opinions, and hopefully start some discussions about all types of media! Be prepared for a lot of gushing over animation.

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Also, if you like anime, then check me out on Frederator’s anime Youtube channel, Get in the Robot! We discuss things like differences between anime and manga, anime tropes, and character studies!

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